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Large particle industrial rock salt usually refers to industrial salt with large particle diameter, which is made from natural rock salt mines after mining, cleaning, crushing, screening and other processes. The grain size of this salt varies, but there is usually a more defined grain size range, such as 1-5 mm, 2-8 mm, etc. Because of its physical properties, large particle industrial rock salt is mainly used in heat treatment, cooling, snow melting, water treatment and some chemical processes.


Large particle industrial rock salt plays an important role in the heat treatment process. In the metalworking industry, especially in the process of forging, rolling, etc., large grain salt is used as a heating medium, which can transfer heat evenly, thus ensuring a uniform temperature of the metal workpiece. In addition, due to its good thermal stability and thermal conductivity, large-particle salt can improve heating efficiency and save energy.


Large particles of industrial rock salt are also widely used in the cooling process. In chemical production and some mechanical equipment operation, in order to maintain the temperature stability of the equipment or reaction system, large particle salt is used as a coolant. The cooling effect of large-particle salt is better than that of small-particle salt, because large particles have a slower dissolution rate and a longer heat dissipation time.


In winter, large-scale industrial rock salt is often used for snow melting and anti-skid on roads and airport runways. Compared with small particles, large particles of salt have a slower dissolution rate, which can provide a snowmelt effect over a longer period of time, reducing traffic accidents caused by snow and ice.


Large particle industrial rock salt is also used in the field of water treatment. In the circulating water system, adding an appropriate amount of large particle salt can adjust the hardness of water and prevent equipment corrosion and scale generation. In swimming pools, large particles of salt can also be used to produce chlorine gas for water disinfection.


In the chemical industry, large particle industrial rock salt is the main raw material for the production of chlorine gas, caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite and other chemical products. By electrolyzing saturated brine solutions, these important chemicals can be prepared for use in the production of plastics, textiles, cleaners and many other products.


In addition to the above applications, large-scale industrial rock salt can also be used in the manufacture of refractory materials, sand binders in casting processes, and as a catalyst or reaction medium in some special chemical experiments.


Although large particle industrial rock salt has many advantages, it also needs to pay attention to environmental protection and health safety when used. For example, when used as a snow melting agent, the amount used should be controlled to reduce the impact on soil and groundwater. In the case of food processing or direct contact with the human body, food grade salt must be used to ensure safety.


Large particle industrial rock salt is a kind of multi-functional industrial raw material, which is widely used, covering many fields from traditional chemical production to modern environmental management. With the development of science and technology and the promotion of environmental awareness, the production process and use of large particle industrial rock salt are also constantly optimized to meet the needs of different industries, while reducing the impact on the environment.



Q: What is large grain industrial rock salt?

A: Large-grain industrial rock salt is a rock salt particle of a specific shape and size, often used for specific industrial applications. This salt particle is much larger than ordinary food salt, has specific physical and chemical properties, and is suitable for use in a specific process.


Q: What are the main uses of large grained industrial rock salt?

A: Large-scale industrial rock salt is mainly used in water treatment, refrigeration and snow melting, salt therapy, and certain specific chemical reactions. Its large particle size gives it unique advantages in these applications, such as less clumping and ease of handling.


Q: What is the difference between large grain industrial rock salt and ordinary table salt?

A: In addition to size differences, large-grained industrial rock salt usually does not contain iodine or other ingredients added to table salt for flavor and nutrition. In addition, large grain industrial rock salt is generally not used for food seasoning, but for industrial production and specific applications.


Q: How to handle and store large particles of industrial rock salt?

A: Large-grained industrial rock salt should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place to avoid moisture and contamination. When handling, it is recommended to use appropriate tools and equipment and avoid direct hand contact to prevent skin and eye irritation.


Q: Is large-scale industrial rock salt safe for the environment?

A: Large-grained industrial rock salt itself is not harmful to the environment, but it can pollute soil and water bodies if not handled properly. Therefore, when using and handling large particles of industrial rock salt, relevant environmental regulations and recommendations should be followed.


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