• Large grain industrial salt: brings multiple application values ​​to various industries In industrial production, salt is not only a condiment, but also an indispensable raw material. As an important material in industrial production, large-grained industrial salt has an increasingly prominent application value. Recently, we will discuss the multiple applications of large-grain industrial salt in various industries and the positive impact it brings.


  • New breakthrough in daily chemical industry: innovative application of industrial salt In the daily chemical industry, industrial salt has a wide range of uses and its importance is becoming increasingly prominent. Recently, Haimeng Salt announced that they have successfully developed a new type of industrial salt that has significantly improved purity and stability and is expected to bring revolutionary changes to the daily chemical industry.


  • Haimeng Salt: Leading the way of innovation in the potassium monopersulfate industry In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of my country's environmental protection policy, the market demand for potassium monopersulfate (potassium persulfate), as an efficient and environmentally friendly oxidant, has continued to grow. As a well-known manufacturer of potassium monopersulfate in my country, Haimeng Salt has always adhered to the concepts of innovation, green and environmental protection, and is committed to providing high-quality products and services to customers around the world.


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