Haimeng Salt: Leading the way of innovation in the potassium monopersulfate industry
Update Time: 2024-04-18  

Recently, Haimeng Salt announced that it has made a major breakthrough in its research and development in the field of potassium monopersulfate and has successfully developed a new, efficient and environmentally friendly potassium monopersulfate production process. This process uses advanced technology and equipment to realize the automation and intelligence of the production process, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.


It is reported that the new potassium monopersulfate production process developed by Haimeng Salt has the following highlights:


1. High efficiency: potassium monopersulfate produced by the new process has high active oxygen content and strong oxidation performance, and can be widely used in environmental protection, water treatment, chemical industry, papermaking and other fields.


2. Environmental protection: During the production process, Haimeng Salt strictly follows national environmental protection regulations and adopts closed production to reduce pollutant emissions and impact on the environment.


3. Energy saving: The new process adopts advanced energy-saving technology to reduce production costs and improve resource utilization.


4. Safety: During the production process, Haimeng Salt focuses on employee safety training and strengthens on-site safety management to ensure production safety.


As a leading company in my country's potassium monopersulfate industry, Haimeng Salt has always adhered to market demand as the guide and technological innovation as the core to continuously improve product quality and service levels. The successful research and development of this new process will further consolidate Haimeng Salt's position in domestic and foreign markets and help my country's potassium monopersulfate industry go global.


In the future, Haimeng Salt will continue to increase investment in research and development, optimize production processes, and expand product application areas to meet the growing needs of global customers. At the same time, Haimeng Salt will also actively fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, promote the green development of the industry, and contribute to building a beautiful China and achieving sustainable development.


In short, Haimeng Salt's innovative path in the potassium monopersulfate industry not only demonstrates the technical strength of Chinese enterprises, but also contributes Chinese wisdom to the global environmental protection cause. In the new journey, Haimeng Salt will continue to play a leading role in the industry and lead the potassium monopersulfate industry towards a better future.

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