• Product name: Hot compress salt
  • Product classification: Hot compress salt
  • Company name: Laizhou Haimeng Salt Co., Ltd.
  • Contact tel: 158-5450-9968
  • Company address: 352 Longtan Road, Tushan Town, Laizhou City, Shandong Province
  • Add time: 18/04/13
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       With high-quality sea salt as the raw material, crystal salt is produced after washing, crushing, drying, screening and sub-packaging. Crystal salt has complete particle, even size, good fluidity and clear transparency, with the content of sodium chloride exceeding the GB/T5462-2003 Premium-level Standard of Refined Industrial Salt. With the bactericidal and disinfecting effect, it can relieve itching, diminish inflammation, clear away heat and pain, inhibit the growth of bacteria linked to skin and prevent occurrence of skin diseases such as common dermatitis or relieve corresponding symptoms. It can accelerate skin regeneration and improve the skin texture and it can be used for bathing, washing the face, bathing the feet, etc.


Hot compress salt

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