• Haimeng Salt: Leading the way of innovation in the potassium monopersulfate industry In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of my country's environmental protection policy, the market demand for potassium monopersulfate (potassium persulfate), as an efficient and environmentally friendly oxidant, has continued to grow. As a well-known manufacturer of potassium monopersulfate in my country, Haimeng Salt has always adhered to the concepts of innovation, green and environmental protection, and is committed to providing high-quality products and services to customers around the world.


  • Revolutionizing Water Treatment: Introducing the 50 lb Extra Coarse Solar Salt for Water Softening In an effort to enhance water quality in households and industries, a new product has hit the market - the 50 lb bag of Extra Coarse Solar Salt, specifically designed for water softening applications. This breakthrough in water treatment technology promises to effectively combat hard water issues, ensuring a smoother operation of appliances and a more comfortable living environment.


  • Leading the new trend of environmental protection: Morton Solar Salt Water Softening Crystals makes its grand debut As environmental awareness continues to rise, Haimeng Salt, the world's leading salt product manufacturer, has collaborated with Morton to once again lead the industry in innovation and launch its latest masterpiece - Morton Solar Salt Water Softening Crystals. This innovative product combines the concepts of efficient water softening and renewable energy, becoming the latest force in environmentally friendly living.


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