• Solar Naturals leads green home revolution with new water-softening salt crystals With the improvement of environmental awareness and the pursuit of quality of life, the greening of household products has become a new trend. In response to such market demand, Solar Naturals recently launched an innovative water softening salt crystal - Solar Naturals Water Softener Salt Crystals, aiming to provide families with a more environmentally friendly and healthier water softening solution.


  • Innovative Tru Soft Solar Crystals Set New Standards in Water Softening Technology In a significant leap forward for household water treatment, Tru Soft has unveiled its latest product: the Extra Coarse Water Softener Salt, designed to revolutionize the way we soften our water. This new offering combines the natural power of solar-evaporated salt with cutting-edge purification processes, promising an unparalleled water-softening experience that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.


  • Diamond Crystal Solar Salt: A New Choice for Water Softening In today's pursuit of a healthier and more comfortable life, water quality has become an increasingly important aspect in people's daily lives. Especially for those who live in areas with hard water, water softening treatment is indispensable. As a new water softener, Diamond Crystal Solar salt has recently emerged on the market and received widespread attention.


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