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Industrial salt is not edible salt. The ingredient of edible salt is sodium chloride. It can not only be used as a condiment for cooking in daily life, but also can have many functions in ordinary life. Many people know that industrial salt can be obtained by drying in sea water, but many people are not sure about the specific steps of sun drying of industrial salt, so friends who want to know how to sun dry industrial salt, please Follow the editor to continue to understand:

1. Dig the seawater storage pond, hit the high tide, the seawater enters the pond, and it naturally encounters the sun and begins to condense.

2. Waterwheels Waterwheels pour seawater into a piece of agglomeration field where the foundation is not high with mud, and the level is higher than that of the storage pond, and then from two to three, and so on. The agglomeration field is lower than the other, and the sea water is left little by little.

3. Since the seawater is continuously evaporated by the sun during the driving process, when the concentrated seawater flows into a raw salt field, the seawater will gradually solidify into salt particles. If the brine concentration is insufficient, add salt seeds to speed up the knot.

Industrial salt has a wide range of industrial uses and is one of the basic raw materials of the chemical industry, known as the "mother of the chemical industry". Hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, soda ash, ammonium chloride, chlorine, etc. in the main products of the basic chemical industry are mainly produced with industrial salt as raw materials.

The main components of industrial salt are sodium chloride and sodium nitrite. In daily life, many people cannot distinguish between edible salt and refined industrial salt. Refined industrial salt is a toxic substance. Accidental consumption of industrial salt will cause poisoning events and cause damage to the human body. Certain damage, eating too much can even cause serious harm to the body's organs, so everyone must distinguish clearly between edible salt and industrial salt.

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