Update Time: 2018-04-10  

The breeding industry is widely consumed in the animal kingdom. Everyone says that its price has been unstable. In fact, the growth and decline are not the main factors. But you must know that the price of breeding salt is actually determined by its supply and demand and quality.

Breeding salt is a kind of active nitrite reducing and salted meat product. Among them, salt refers to the compound composed of metal ions and acid ions. There are many kinds of them with different natures, appearances and uses.

Because of the importance of breeding salt and its high profit, salt producers have adopted franchise policies, so there is a distinction between "official salt" and "private salt". In recent years, due to the related needs of nutrition and health, in the process of using raw salt to process refined salt, a small amount of potassium iodate and other nutrients are added, so there is a difference between qualified and unqualified, so the price of breeding salt is also different. But there is no substantial difference in the composition of salt. The main component of salt is still sodium chloride.

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