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Low-price export industrial grade salt refers to the industrial salt products sold at a lower price in the international market. Such products are often used to meet the needs of cost-conscious foreign buyers, especially in industrial applications where the purity requirements for salt are not particularly high. As a basic chemical raw material, industrial grade salt is widely used in many industries, such as chemical industry, building materials, textile, metallurgy and so on.


Low price export industrial grade salt products detailed introduction:

1) Product features:

- Moderate purity: Although not as pure as high-purity industrial salt, the purity of low-priced export industrial grade salt usually meets the requirements of most industrial uses.

Impurity content: contains a certain amount of impurities, such as calcium, magnesium, sulfate, etc., but the content of these impurities is controlled within the range that does not affect its industrial use.

- Good physical properties: good crystallinity, uniform particle size and good fluidity, easy to store and transport.

- Chemical stability: Under normal conditions, the chemical properties of industrial grade salt are stable and not easy to react with other substances.


2) Production process:

- Raw material selection: natural salt ore or seawater with lower cost is selected as raw material.

- Refining: Most of the impurities are removed through dissolution, filtration, precipitation and other processes, and then the salt is purified through the crystallization process.

- Dry packaging: the purified salt is dried and sealed through an automated packaging line to ensure product quality.


3) Application field:

Chlor-alkali industry: used for electrolytic production of chlorine gas and caustic soda, is an important raw material for making PVC, plastics and other materials.

- Chemical synthesis: In organic synthesis, as a catalyst carrier or reaction medium, participate in a variety of chemical reactions.

- Water treatment: used in the production of disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite and as a regenerant in softened water.

- Building materials industry: In the production of cement, glass and other building materials, as a flux to reduce the melting point.

- Metallurgical industry: In the process of metal smelting, as a flux to improve the extraction rate of metal.

Food industry: Food grade salt is used in food processing and flavoring, while industrial grade salt is used in the non-edible part of food processing.


4) Quality control:

- Even though it is a low-cost product, it still needs to follow a certain quality management system to ensure that the product meets the standards and requirements of the exporting country.

- Use testing equipment, such as X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, etc., to conduct regular testing of products.

- From raw material procurement to finished product delivery, every link has strict quality control to ensure product stability and reliability.

Low-priced export industrial grade salt is an economical chemical raw material suitable for industrial applications with strict cost requirements. On the premise of ensuring basic quality standards, manufacturers offer competitive prices by optimizing production processes and reducing production costs.



Q: How to ensure the quality and safety of industrial grade salt exported at low prices?

A: Ensuring the quality and safety of industrial-grade salt exported at low prices is critical. First of all, quality control and supervision in the production process should be strengthened to ensure that product quality meets relevant standards and regulations; Secondly, a perfect quality inspection system and traceability mechanism can be established to ensure that every link of the product from production to export is effectively monitored. Finally, we can establish a good cooperative relationship with international buyers to jointly maintain product quality and safety.

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