Update Time: 2022-09-17  

At present, solar salt refers to raw salt, which can be divided into lake salt, well salt and sea salt. This salt has a wide range of industrial uses, especially in the chemical industry. For manufacturers, what application does it have in the chemical industry?

      Application of solar salt in chemical industry:

      ①Application in dyestuff industry: Commonly used raw materials in dyestuff industry, such as caustic soda, soda ash and chlorine, are directly produced from salt, while hydrochloric acid, sodium sulfide and hydrosulfite are chemical products obtained by deep processing of salt; Use a lot of salt. Therefore, the dye industry is one of the industries that is very closely related to the salt industry in addition to the chlor-alkali industry.

②Application in the metallurgical industry: Salt is used as a chlorinated roasting agent and a quenching agent in the metallurgical industry, and also as a desulfurizing agent and a clarifying agent for processing metal ores. Immersion of steel products and steel rolled products in a salt solution can harden the surface and remove the oxide film. Salt chemical products are used in the pickling of strip steel and stainless steel, as baking aids in aluminum smelting and electrolysis of sodium metal.

      ③ Application in building materials industry: Soda ash made of salt is the main raw material for producing glass. In addition, in order to eliminate the bubbles in the glass liquid when melting glass, a certain amount of fining agent should be added, and salt is also a commonly used fining agent. The amount of salt is about 1% of the glass melt.

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