Update Time: 2018-04-10  

As we all know, if people lack salt, it is easy to cause physical fatigue. In fact, your dog's lack of salt will not only cause fatigue, but also cause the dog's growth and development stagnation, back hair lusterless, depilation, dry skin and other problems.

According to the analysis and guidance of relevant standard values in American feeding nutrition standards, we can see that the content of breeding salt is usually controlled within the range of 1.3% - 1.4% in the current marketing of dry dog food.

If calculated according to the weight of 1kg dogs, the daily dry food needed for dogs is 20g, and a 20kg domestic dog needs to eat 400g of dry food every day. After a series of conversion, we get that the amount of salt needed to be cultured is about 5.6g. Therefore, we add about 1.4% of breeding salt to our dog's homemade meals.

If you think the dog is still short of salt, you can add the appropriate breeding salt to the drinking water every week.

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