Update Time: 2018-04-10  

If there is a lack of salt in the feed, the appetite of animals will be reduced, and the digestion function will be affected accordingly. In this case, the fattening work of animals is naturally difficult to carry out, and the income of farmers will also be reduced. Since there is no salt in the feed, the animals will choose what contains salt to eat. It's common to eat soil, because it contains a small amount of salt, and some animals will also eat plastic bags by mistake. As we all know, plastic bags are not digestible, so for a long time, there will also be Pichia, and then it will start to be bad for delicious feed.

When the lack of salt is very serious, the animal's spirit begins to wither, the development begins to become sluggish, the weight also begins to drop, although there are no other special diseases, but it is not enough to raise. Because of the lack of salt in some lactating animals, the breast milk will be reduced, the survival rate of the young animals will also be reduced, and the milk production of the cows will be affected. Therefore, in order not to affect the normal growth of cattle and sheep, we must add appropriate breeding salt when feeding cattle and sheep.

It is well known that the main component of breeding salt is sodium chloride, both of which are found in plant feed, but the amount is very small, so we need to add them manually. After animals eat the feed containing salt, it will increase their vitality, and the meat quality will be better if the activity is large. The feed added with breeding salt is also very helpful in digestion, the utilization rate of feed will be effectively improved, and the animals will grow better.

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