Update Time: 2022-09-17  

Snow melting salt refers to sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, etc. After being dissolved in water (snow), its freezing point is below zero, and it is often used in winter. Let us introduce you to spreading snow melting Salt to pay attention to small details.

1. When spreading snow-melting salt, operators must wear cotton or chemical fiber work clothes, gloves (both rubber and plastic), rain boots and protective glasses.

2. If the snow melting salt accidentally gets into the eyes or gets on the skin, rinse immediately with clean water.

3. After finishing the spreading operation, clean the tools and put the clothes separately from the usual clothes for next use. If the clothes are stained with snow-melting salt and are wet, rinse them with water.

4. Also remember not to water the flowers or trees directly, and do not concentrate the snow on the road area where the snow-melting salt has been spread among the flowers, plants and trees.


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