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1. Product Introduction

High purity industrial salt, also known as refined salt or ultra-pure salt, is a salt product with high purity, low impurity content and good chemical stability after special refining process. Its purity can usually reach more than 99.9%, or even higher, to meet the high requirements for raw materials in different industrial fields.


2. The production process

The production process of high purity industrial salt usually includes raw salt collection, crushing, washing, refining, drying and other steps. In the raw salt collection process, natural rock salt or sea salt with good quality and less impurities will be selected as raw materials. Impurities and sediment in the raw salt are then removed by a crushing and washing process. In the refining stage, advanced chemical and physical methods, such as dissolution, precipitation, filtration, evaporation, etc. are used to further remove trace impurities and harmful substances in the salt. Finally, high purity industrial salt products were obtained by drying process.


3. Application fields

Chemical industry: High purity industrial salt is the basic raw material of many chemical products, such as chlor-alkali, soda ash, caustic soda and so on. High purity industrial salt plays an important role in chemical synthesis, catalyst preparation and the production of fine chemical products.


Pharmaceutical industry: In the production of drugs, high purity industrial salt is the raw material or auxiliary material for many drugs. Its high purity and stability ensure the quality and safety of drugs. For example, high purity industrial salts are used in the synthesis of antibiotics, vitamins and other drugs.


Electronics industry: In the electronics industry, high purity industrial salts are used to manufacture semiconductor materials, electronic components and integrated circuits. Its high purity and good chemical stability can meet the high requirements of electronic products for raw materials.


Metallurgical industry: In the process of metal smelting and refining, high-purity industrial salts can be used as a flux or reducing agent to help separate metals from ores and improve their purity.


Other fields: In addition to the above industries, high purity industrial salt is also widely used in glass manufacturing, ceramic industry, water treatment and other fields.


4. Product characteristics

High purity: High purity industrial salt has extremely high purity and very low impurity content, which can meet various high-precision and high-quality production needs.


High purity industrial salt has good chemical stability and is not easy to react, which ensures its long-term effectiveness in industrial production.


Wide applicability: Due to its high purity and good chemical properties, high purity industrial salt is widely used in many industrial fields.


Environmental protection and safety: The production process of high-purity industrial salt strictly follows environmental protection standards, and the product itself also meets the relevant safety specifications, which is harmless to the human body and the environment.


With the continuous progress of science and technology and the rapid development of industry, the demand for high purity industrial salt is also increasing. Especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and other high-tech fields, the purity and quality of raw materials are increasingly required. Therefore, the market prospect of high purity industrial salt is very broad. At the same time, with the improvement of environmental awareness, the demand for environmentally friendly and high-quality industrial salt is also increasing, which also provides a good opportunity for the development of high-purity industrial salt.


5. FAQ

Q: What are the characteristics of high purity industrial salt?

A: High-purity industrial salt has more than 99% sodium chloride content and very few impurities, which makes it more stable and reliable in chemical properties. It is usually used in industrial processes where the purity of salt is particularly high, such as the manufacture of chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, and special chemicals.


Q: How is high purity industrial salt produced?

A: The production of high purity industrial salt usually involves evaporation crystallization of seawater or mine water, refining and purification. This process increases the purity of the salt by removing impurities and unnecessary compounds.


Q: What is the difference between high purity industrial salt and ordinary industrial salt?

A: Compared with ordinary industrial salt, high-purity industrial salt has lower impurity content, especially for the control of harmful heavy metals and mineral impurities is stricter. This makes it more suitable for some special industrial applications, such as in food processing, medicine and fine chemicals.


Q: What are the application areas of high purity industrial salt?

A: High-purity industrial salt is mainly used in industries with high salt purity requirements, such as electronics, electroplating, chemical synthesis, water treatment, pharmaceutical, food processing and other fields. In these applications, high-purity salts can provide more consistent and reliable reaction conditions.


Q: What factors should I pay attention to when buying high purity industrial salt?

A: When purchasing high-purity industrial salt, you should pay attention to its specific chemical composition and purity level to ensure that they meet the needs of the specific application. At the same time, the supplier's reliability and quality control standards should also be considered, as well as the way the product is packaged, stored and transported.


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