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Large-particle industrial salt usually refers to sodium chloride (NaCl) crystals with larger particles, which are mainly used in snowmelt, water treatment, chemical raw materials and other aspects of industrial production. Compared with food salt, industrial salt has lower requirements for purity and appearance, but because of its special use and purpose, its physical properties such as particle size, moisture absorption and solubility have specific requirements.


Product features:

1. Particle size: The particle size of large industrial salt is generally larger than that of edible salt, and there are different specifications according to different uses, such as 1-4mm, 2-8mm and so on. Larger particles help reduce dust and facilitate mechanical spreading and cleaning.


2. Purity: Although the purity of industrial salt is not as high as that of food salt, it still needs to meet certain standards to ensure the effect and safety in industrial applications.


3. Hygroscopic: Large-grained industrial salts generally have low hygroscopic properties, which helps reduce caking problems caused by moisture during storage and transportation.


4. Solubility: Due to its use in snow melting or water treatment, large particles of industrial salt need to have good solubility in order to take effect quickly.


Application field:

1. Road snow melting: large particles of industrial salt are widely used in winter roads, airport runways, parking lots and other places of snow melting, with its economic efficiency as the main advantage.


2. Water treatment: In the water treatment industry, large-particle salt is used as a regenerant for ion exchange resin regeneration to soften water quality and remove calcium and magnesium ions from water.


3. Chemical raw materials: As raw materials in chemical production, large particles of industrial salt participate in the manufacture of chlorine gas, caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite and other important chemicals.


4. Metal processing: In the metal processing industry, large particles of salt can be used as a medium for heat treatment, as well as electrolytes in the metal surface treatment process.


5. Building materials: Industrial salts can also be used in the production of certain building materials, such as concrete additives, to promote the curing of cement.


6. Fisheries: In fisheries, large particles of salt can be used to make sea crystals, simulate the seawater environment, and be used for the temporary maintenance and transportation of seafood.


7. Dyes and printing: In the dyes and printing industry, industrial salts are used to regulate the osmotic pressure and pH of solutions.


8. Waste disposal: In waste disposal and landfills, industrial salt is sometimes used to control the chemical composition of landfill leachate.


Production and quality control:

The production of large-particle industrial salt usually involves the following steps: the raw salt is dissolved into brine, the larger salt crystals are obtained by evaporation crystallization, and then screened and graded to meet the different particle size requirements. In the production process, the manufacturer will strictly control the quality of raw materials, crystallization conditions and screening accuracy to ensure that the product meets the standards of industrial applications.


As an important industrial material, large-particle industrial salt not only has advantages in cost, but also plays an important role in many fields. With the improvement of environmental protection requirements and the development of new material technologies, the production and application of large-particle industrial salt are also constantly optimized and innovative to meet the special needs of more fields.



Q: What is large-grained industrial salt?

A: Large-grained industrial salt, also known as bulk salt or kosher salt, is a salt product with larger grains. It is different from common food salt and is usually used for industrial applications rather than food flavoring. Large-grained industrial salts generally have higher purity and lower impurity content.


Q: What are the main uses of large-grained industrial salt?

A: Large-scale industrial salt is mainly used in industrial fields, such as ice making, snow melting, water treatment, road deicing, cooling tower cleaning, etc. Due to its larger particle size, it can provide better results in these applications, such as melting snow and ice quickly and providing better anti-slip effects.


Q: What is the difference between large-grained industrial salt and ordinary salt?

A: Large-grained industrial salt differs from regular salt in several ways. For one thing, they vary in particle size, with larger industrial salts having larger particles. Second, large-grained industrial salt is commonly used for industrial applications, while regular salt is more commonly used for food seasoning and cooking. In addition, large-grained industrial salts generally have a higher purity and are suitable for a variety of industrial needs.


Q: Is large-grained industrial salt safe to use?

A: Large-grained industrial salt is safe when used correctly. However, due to its high salt content and purity, it should not be used for food flavoring or direct human consumption. In industrial applications, the corresponding instructions and safety specifications should be followed to ensure safe use.


Q: How to store and handle large particles of industrial salt?

A: Large-grained industrial salt should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place to avoid moisture and contamination. When handling and storing, wear appropriate protective equipment such as gloves and protective glasses to prevent salt spatter and eye irritation. In addition, since large particles of industrial salt can be hygroscopic, it is important to ensure that the packaging is well sealed to prevent salt clumping and deterioration.


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